Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I've been kinda busy.....=D

But now that my family is out of town, my schedule just freed up a bit. No one to complain about the weather to besides the computer.... Its snowing. It was 70 degrees about three days ago. And I have to work this afternoon outside.

Ok, I'm done whining. =]

So basically God has been really working in my life! Good news, right? Although to some extent it is awesome, it still means getting the kinks out of my life which I don't actually enjoy. Go figure. Actually I bring this up to praise those around me who have continually encouraged me to be in the Word, especially through Bible Quiz. When we're faced with the decision to obey or disobey what do we really want to be the thing that rings loudest in our ear: Satan's words or His Words? HIS WORDS! How can we know that we will hear His words and not satan's words?? Josh. 1:8! By saturating ourselves with the Word of God, His 66 book long, love letter to us. Saturated is a powerful word. Here's a definition: to cause (a substance) to unite with the greatest possible amount of another substance...etc.
Lately, I when I have been faced with temptations (as we all face 1cor.10:13) His words have come flooding into my mind, penetrating every evil thought that would try to overturn me!! Praise God! He's so merciful to me. And to all of us, if we will let Him and His word to be our only passion in life.